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Galaxy S6 and S6 edge go for Gold, Green and Blue in Australia Featured


Three new colours are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S6 range in Australia depending on the model: Green Emerald, Gold Platinum or Blue Topaz.

Samsung’s latest and boldest smartphones, the S6 and S6 edge, are coming in new colours to the Australian market, even though colours such as Green Emerald for the S6 edge are already on sale in countries such as China.

I was in China last week courtesy of Lenovo, attending that company’s first ever ‘Tech World’ conference, and as I travelled around various parts of Beijing, it was impossible to miss lots of ads for the Galaxy S6 edge in various parts of the city - several of which were advertising the striking Green Emerald model.

Also, I don’t watch much TV these days, but I was watching a show on Channel 10 yesterday over the course of an hour, and it seemed as if every ad break included a stylish advertisement for the S6 edge, with images projected over the backs of seemingly naked bodies.

It appears that Samsung is advertising the S6 edge as hard as it can to generate as many sales as it can, with sales and the profits that follow clearly important for Samsung - as it is for any company.

Even so, Samsung didn’t do anywhere near as well sales-wise with the S5 as it wanted, and with the clock ceaselessly ticking towards the next iPhone launch, the next Galaxy Note 5 launch and next year’s Galaxy S7, it’s no surprise that Samsung wants to maximise S6 and S6 sales while both S6 models are still Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Indeed, both models are beautiful examples of cutting edge Android phones, and even though they no longer feature removable microSD cards or batteries, and even though there are plenty of cheaper Android phones out there, Samsung still strives to be the most desirable Android maker there is.

Has it worked? Well, the S6 edge has certainly received mostly very positive reviews - even iTWire’s own Ray Shaw was wowed several times over in various reviews, the most recent of which you can see here

But then there was the news that Samsung ‘only’ shipped (which doesn’t equal sold to end users) 10 million S6 and S6 models (together) in the first month, whereas the S5 shipped 11 million in the same timeframe. 

The truth of the matter around actual sales is still yet to be seen, and probably explains why there’s both heavy advertising of the S6 edge in Australia and that which I saw in Beijing.

I’m guessing that it also helps explain why we’re seeing new colour variations arrive, which are presumably designed to help increase the desirability and purchase-worthiness of either model, even though a different colour is the only difference between the models on sale yesterday (which remain on sale) and the new colours available for pre-order from today.

The three colours aren’t available for both the S6 and S6 edge.

The deal is that Gold Platinum is available for both models, Green Emerald is for the S6 edge only, while Blue Topaz is for the S6 only.

From 9.00am today, 1 June 2015, the new colours will be available for pre-order, from selected telcos, selected retail partners and at both the Sydney and Melbourne Samsung Experience Stores.

18 June 2015 is the date the new colours will actually go on sale, and the date that pre-orders will presumably start arriving on.

Samsung’s media release proffers that the ‘new range enhances the sleek design of the devices, cementing the Galaxy range as an accessory for fashion and style conscious consumers.’

More smooth marketing talk states that the S6 and S6 edge in ‘Gold’ will ‘offer a colour choice for consumers looking to make a clear statement around their personality and sense of style.’

Of course there are various other smartphones from other vendors also available in gold colouring that presumably offers a way to make a similarly clear statement, but if you’re an Android and a Samsung fan, and have been waiting for a gold model to upgrade to, this is what you will have been waiting for!

Samsung goes on to talk up the virtues of the Blue and Green colours, but having seen the green model in China, all I can say is that it looks strikingly good. It’s a really nice and deep shade of green.

Prasad Gokhale, VP of IT & Mobile at Samsung Australia said: “In many ways, smartphones have become a fashion accessory for Australians and finding one that matches your style and personality can be just as important as what it does.

“The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge marked a clear shift in the Galaxy family and the new range of colours takes this further with their unique and stylish design. We believe that this range of classic colours will appeal to Australians, bringing a wider range of choice to the market.”

Pricing appears to remain exactly the same - the 32GB Gold and Blue S6 variants are $999, the 64GB models are $1149 and the 128GB models are $1299 each.

Prices are higher for the S6 edge models, with the 32GB Gold and Green variants are $1149 each, the 64GB models are $1299 each and the 128GB models are $1449 each.

One of Ray’s previous articles on the S6 and S6 edge list the specs here, which remain unchanged save for the new colours. 

Samsung has full details on both S6 models at its website here


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