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Apple’s MUST-SEE WWDC 2016 keynote event - iOS 10, watchOS 3, macOS Sierra, new tvOS too Featured


People are always quick to declare Apple dying, apps dying, the watch useless and more - but Apple has come out with a spate of new software products to prove them wrong.

Apple has just concluded its WWDC 2016 developer keynote, which as always is a MUST-SEE event that you can watch a replay of here

It was a two hour long keynote, and each moment packed in a ton of information about where Apple is heading. This is a long article - there are two hours worth of notes - here we go!

Since publishing, Apple has released more information about each new OS and Swift Playgrounds. Here are links to those articles, the rest of my notes from the keynote are below:

Let’s start with some quick highlights:

  • OS X is now macOS, and includes Siri and plenty more.
  • iOS 10 has a ton of awesome new features that I personally just can’t wait to try when they launch to the public in the US Fall (which is our Australian Spring).
  • Apple announced 10 major features in iOS 10 that we go through below - all excellent additions and enhancements to iOS that you’ll definitely want.
  • watchOS 3 makes apps on the Apple Watch launch INSTANTLY - an amazing development that will make the Apple Watch feel completely brand new, as well as a range of interface enhancements that make navigating apps on Apple Watch so much better and easier.
  • Even tvOS for the Apple TV gets a stack of great improvements, letting you call up channels with your voice, or using your iPhone as an Apple TV remote.

Here’s my notes, live blog style, from today’s presentation - but honestly, you’ll have a much more enjoyable time just watching the keynote, it’s really that good, and fills you with inspiration that Apple absolutely knows what it’s doing, and knows how to shame its critics into silence - before they sadly start babbling illogical anti-Apple inanities once the shock and awe of Apple's latest gamechanging presentation wears off. Article continues below - read on. 

WWDC starts:

Tim Cook came on stage and started by acknowledging the terrible tragedy in Orlando, and offered some moments of silence in respect.

Then Tim launched into various stats about the app store, including the headline stat that there are now 2 million apps on the app store.

There are four Apple platforms.

  • Mac - changed personal computer - most innovative and love PC on the planet
  • iPhone - the best smartphone experience, the gold standard by which everything else is managed
  • iPad - clearest expression of the future of personal computer
  • Apple Watch - only 1 year old, already the ultimate device for a healthy life
  • Apple TV - the future of TV is apps

Developers - it’s together we enrich people’s lived. 4 incredible platforms.

  • watchOS
  • tvOS
  • OS X
  • iOS
  • Apple will move each of these platforms forward today.


  • Serious acceleration in app launch time - app should respond instantly. info should be updated before you go look.
  • watchOS - favourite apps can respond instantly.
  • keep favourite apps in memory
  • background updates
  • refreshed information
  • instant launch.
  • for built-in and third party apps
  • apps now launch instantly - 7 times faster.
  • Press side button below the crown to reach the ‘dock’ - apps are glance able and interactive. dramatic improvement in how it feels to use the watch.
  • Side button - get to them easily.
  • Control centre - swipe up from the button - a giant improvement in how it feels to use apps.
  • More powerful to reply to messages - you can see to ways to respond right there - no need to press reply first.
  • Now you can also write your message on the way - draw the letters on your screen with your finger - so you can write a word or message out letter by letter.
  • Minnie Mouse now coming to the watch - choose from a variety of colours for her dress.
  • Activity rings - new watch face - analogue, chronograph and digital version.
  • Switching watch faces super easy - just swipe between faces.
  • More complications to faces can be added as well.
  • Scribble face works in English and Chinese.
  • People who wear Apple Watch wear it all the time.
  • SOS on the watch - to activate you press and hold the sound button - works as a cellular call or as a Wi-Fi call. Continues to send emergency info to contacts. The watch also shows your medical info.
  • The feature works internationally, not just in the US.
  • Fitness and health - enhancing the fitness and workout apps.
  • Some people are motivated by closing the activity rings - which Apple loves. By some people want to be motivated by other things, like competition.
  • You can sort by steps, workouts, exercise minutes.
  • Tap an anyone in the activity list and get an up close view of that person’s activities. You can even send messages to your friendly competitors - from pre-made messages, audio messages, racing heart rate and more.
  • Wheelchair users now get an activity and workout experience, too, thanks to dedicated work with two major wheelchair foundations, and a wide variety of wheelchair users.
  • Time to roll notifications for wheelchair users - instead of time to stand. Two workouts in the workout app dedicated to wheelchair users and the activity rings are now optimised for wheelchair users, too.
  • New app - Breathe. Simple deep breathing sessions. Yoga practitioners have been using deep breathing exercises for year.
  • You can have smart notifications to remind you. You can breath from one to five minutes just by turning the digital crown. Beautiful visuals will guide you. But you can do it with your eyes closed and gentle haptic feedback will guide you. You’ll get a summary and even a display of your heart rate over the next few minutes.
  • watchOS3 - a giant step forward for developers.
  • Beta version available today. Full free upgrade to the final watchOS 3 comes in the US fall, which is the Australian spring.

tvOS and Apple TV

  • Developers had a modern platform to develop for in the living room.
  • The future of TV is apps. Response to Apple TV has been incredible.
  • 1300 video channels on Apple TV
  • 6000 native apps on Apple TV.
  • Sling, Fox Sports Go - four sports games on the one screen at the same time. Molov TV in France - over 100 channels - coming next month.
  • Sports games, adventure games, sketch party - use iPad or iPhone to draw and your friends guess what you have draw.
  • Apple TV has Siri remote. New version of the remote app now on the iPhone - touch for navigation, Siri for commands and users accelerometer and gyroscope to play games. You can enter text with the keyboard, too.
  • Siri - changed the way we interact with our television - we just tell it what we want to watch.
  • Siri searches over 650,000 movies and TV shows.
  • But what about YouTube? Siri - search YouTube for Steph Curry’s three pointers.
  • Live channels as well are on Apple TV via apps.
  • Just say ‘Watch ESPN 2’ and it starts playing. Live Tune in also available on iPad.
  • Single sign-on is a new feature that signs you into all of your network TV apps from your cable provider. Coming to iOS as well.
  • The Apple TV interface also now has a ‘dark mode’.
  • Apps you download on your iPhone or iPad that have an Apple TV equivalent now download direct to your Apple TV as well.
  • Developer preview of the new tvOS is today - going live in the US Fall and Australian spring.

Now OS X with Craig Federighi.

  • OS X - no presentation at WWDC about OS X would be complete without some kind of naming controversy.
  • OS X has been around for 15 years. Now the name will change to macOS.
  • Each version of macOS does have a special name that’s special to Apple. This year’s macOS is no different. The choice this time is macOS Sierra.
  • Continuity
  • iCloud
  • Fundamentals of the Mac experience.
  • Continuity - letting you move from one task and device to another seamlessly/
  • Auto Unlock is the first new feature.
  • When you first approach your Mac you have to type passwords etc.
  • It can sense how close you are to your machine so it knows it’s really you when you open the screen.
  • Universal clipboard - now you can copy and paste easily across devices.
  • iCloud Drive. Today with iCloud Drive you can put documents into iCloud drive that you want to make available to other devices you own. Over 10 billion documents in iCloud Drive today.
  • Desktop is going to made available on other desktop Macs as well - and on our iPhones, too - via iCloud Drive.
  • Optimised storage - you can run out of space. You can make room for new files by keeping older ones in the cloud. Old documents, watched movies, old email attachments etc.
  • But also the Safari web cache, redundant data stored by mail etc - all can be deleted for you automatically.
  • Apple did a test - had a 250gb drive with 20gb free. It turned on its features and went from 20GB free to 150GB free.
  • Apple Pay now coming to the Mac, too. Apple Pay is now coming to the web.
  • Now when you’re shopping online, you’ll have a Pay with Apple Pay button. You can securely authenticate your purchase with continuity right on your iPhone with Touch ID. Works on your Apple Watch too.
  • Many many merchants are signed up to support Apple Pay on the Web. Available in the US, Canada, UK, China, Singapore and Australia. Coming to Switzerland, France and Hong Kong in the next few months too.
  • Mac experience - tabs. Tabs organises windows in Safari.
  • But now that is coming to multiple apps - including third party apps - without any developer adoption required - tabs everywhere.
  • Picture in picture. Video on the web - push the PIP button and the video goes into its own separate PIP window - can even be docked side by side full screen with another app. The PIP window can be resized or repositioned.
  • One more - Siri is coming to the Mac.
  • Siri wants to give a demo.
  • Siri is an icon on the dock. You can pin Siri results into your macOS dock so you can refer to it later.
  • You can do sophisticated file searches - looking for files you work on last week, or files that were tagged as ‘draft,’ for example.
  • You can drag Siri results directly into your document - look for an image, drag it into your document. You can even copy and paste things directly from your iPad to your Mac, for example.
  • Siri does messaging. You can ask what new movies are playing this Friday, for example.
  • Sierra - tons of great new features. Developer preview today. Public beta in July at beta.apple.com - available to everyone else in the US Fall and Australian Spring.

iOS 10.

10 big features.

1. User experience - redesigned lock screen, rich notifications and more.

  • Demo. In iOS 10 - a great solution. You can raise the phone to wake, without ever touch ing a button. Raise your wrist and your phone wakes up, so you can see your notifications.
  • With 3D touch, notifications are really interactive. Use 3D touch to get more details on calendar appointments. With messages, you can respond to messages, stay in the conversation right on the lock screen.
  • With Uber, get a completely animated screen
  • Notification swipe down. Control centre - swipe up. But you can now swipe sideways, you can get controls for your music.
  • Swipe from the right on the lock screen and your camera appears. Swipe from the left and you get widgets.

2. Siri. 2 billion requests a week from customers.

  • Siri is now being opened up to developers. Now you can ask Siri things like - send a WeChat to Nancy saying I’ll be five minutes late.
  • Siri understands the domains of things like messaging. You can say ‘WeChat Nancy I’ll be five minutes late’ - or other ways of saying the same thing.
  • Messaging is supported with Slack, WhatsApp, weChat. Uber, Lyft and Didi in China. You can start, pause and stop your workouts in Runkeeper, and similar apps.
  • Payments - Squarecash, AliPay
  • VoIP calling with Skype - it even works in CarPlay.

3. QuickType.

  • Siri intelligence is coming to the keyboard. Today, QuickType is able to use context to predict what words you want to type next.
  • Now much more intelligence in longer context is coming. Intelligent suggestions - current location, contact info, intelligent scheduling, calendars availability.
  • The keyboard now supports multi-lingual typing without switching keyboard, too.

4. Photos.

  • You can see your photos on a map. But the big news is ‘advanced computer vision’ - advanced deep learning techniques to bring facial recognition to the iPhone.
  • Get your most important people into people albums for you automatically, all done with your privacy protected.
  • Object and Scene recognition is there too. 11 billion computations per photo to detect things. you can do really powerful search on your device.
  • Memories - being reminded serendipitously of a memory that could be so special. To cluster together photos to surface memories that would be most relevant to you - trips, photos of a highlight reel of the last week or year. groups - topics - special photos on the water, at the beach,.
  • These are pulled together into an intuitive user interface.
  • Demo. The iPhone can make a movie of our photos and video automatically from the photos and videos we’ve taken using its new intelligence features.
  • Really advanced feature that can change editing on the fly based on mood, you can choose to share the video in short, medium and long versions too.
  • iPad and Mac gets these features, too.

5. Maps.

  • Nearby - a great way to find places and transit launched last year.
  • For iOS 10 - an all new design for Maps. More proactive - slide up from the bottom to see suggestions. Maps knows at this time I usually go to work. Or it can go to a calendar event and find a location.
  • Restaurants nearby - you can see all the different genres of restaurants.
  • These new designs are coming to navigation too - with traffic en route included, too.
  • Swipe up for quick controls for route details - to see where food or gas stations are, for example - you’ll even be told how long it will take to get there.
  • Works on CarPlay too - and if there’s a lot of traffic out there, you can get alternate routes with how much time you’ll save if you take one.
  • Maps extensions are now opening up to developers, too. Book a table or a ride directly from maps.
  • Find a restaurant, book a reservation, book a car, pay for it and see when it will arrive all without leaving maps.
  • Extensions open to all developers - and that is Maps.

6. Music.

  • Apple Music lets you play from millions of songs, and it has been an incredible year - 15 million paid subscribers. And all-new Apple Music redesigned from the ground up.
  • A beautiful new design language that allows music to be the hero.
  • All of these changes come together to bring a new music app that’s more intuitive and familiar.
  • Demo -
  • The first tab opened is the Library.
  • But playlist, artists, albums, songs an downloaded music.
  • Recently added.
  • Lyrics are added now there too.
  • For you tab - there’s a discovery mix - songs picked ‘just for me’.

7. News.

  • Apple News introduced last year, all personalised for you.
  • Now over 2000 publications in Apple News. 60 million monthly active users. an All new design.
  • Lots of news sections for you - but now subscriptions are being included, to read every article in National Geographic or newspapers, for example. Breaking news notifications are there too.

8. Home Kit.

  • The home accessories space was a message of incompatible and insecure protocols. With home kit, your home automation products work together easily and securely.
  • Garage doors, cameras, door locks, and so many more. Every major maker has shipping or announced support for home kit. Home builders are now building new homes with home kit built right in.
  • Now the next big step for home kit and iOS in the home.
  • A great new app called Home will be on the iOS home screen.
  • When you launch the home app - you get to see all your accessories no matter who they’re made by - and you can control them all from the home app.
  • You also have scenes to trigger all your devices. Tap ‘good night’ and you’ll the living room shades, adjust the thermostat, lock the door and more, all in one tap.
  • Tell Siri - good morning, and your home can come to life.
  • Control these devices from the control centre on iOS. You can even talk to a courier and see a live video, talk to them from the intercom and even unlock the door so they can leave a package for you - all from the lock screen.
  • When you roll into your drive and cross a geofence - you can have it so the garage door opens automatically for you, turn on the lights, the heating and so much more.
  • HomeKit is great on the iPad - a bigger canvas for all your devices - and naturally it works on Apple Watch too.

9. Phone.

  • Now you can get voicemail transcription of your incoming calls to see what it’s about without having to listen.
  • Now third parties can alert you about phone call spam as well - third parties like Tencent in the US can tell you whether a number is spam or not.
  • A new VoIP api ensures that VoiP calls look like phone calls - they’re in phone recents, phone favourites - your contact card even remembers how you like to call people. It’s a great upgrade to the phone app too!
  • Cisco desktop phone users can see calls made to their desk phones on their iphpnes, too.

10. Messages.

  • Now videos can play right in messaging. Bring up the camera - and you see the camera view right in the messaging stream.
  • Emoji - they are now three times bigger in the transcript, too.
  • To help you always reach for the right emoji - emoji predictions are now there, too.
  • All the emojifiable words in a message can now be tapped to replace with emojis.
  • But there’s another feature.
  • Now, there are bubble effects - you can make the bubble appear BIG, or make it appear slowly and softly.
  • Want to share a surprise with text or images - make the image shimmer then press the image to reveal.
  • You can handwrite images. You can send drawings like on Apple Watch. You can send your heartbeat - like on Apple Watch. You can even have full screen effects so fireworks, balloons, confetti or a laser light show can be displayed behind your messages. Amazing!
  • Messages is opened up to developers too. Developers can offer apps that allow stickers, animated effects, payments right through the messages thread - right inside of messages. There’s so much you can do with iMessages apps.
  • Another demo.
  • We’re seeing orders for food being made into iMessages. There’s JibJab animations - dancing animations with your face in it, for example.
  • It’s the new messages. on iPhone, iPad - and your Mac and Apple Watch can receive this content as well.

Other new features:

  • There’s so much more - notes collaboration - work live with multiple people in the same note.
  • Live photos editing
  • Split view in Safari on iPad - put two websites side by side in Safari on iPad.


  • In every feature, there is end-to-end encryption, by default and always to protect your communication. On-device intelligence - not done in the cloud. Keeping your personal data under your control. When you do searches on the Internet in spotlight or maps - Apple doesn’t build any user profiles.
  • Differential privacy: a research topic in the area of stats and data analytics. To enabled crowd sourced learning while keeping the information of each individual user completely privacy.
  • ‘Incorporating differential privacy broadly into apple’s tech is visionary and positions apple as the privacy leader among technology companies today.’
  • Great features and privacy today.

One more thing - so excited about everything we’ve just seen with iOS 10 - we made a video. You can watch that video here. 

iOS - developer release available today. Public beta in July - beta.apple.com

Coming in the US Fall and Australian spring. Free update - iPad 4th gen - iPhone 4 and 4S not included.

Tim Cook back on the stage - very proud about all the advances on all the platforms.

  • An important part of making these platforms so capable is developers.
  • Swift - a powerful and intuitive programming language for iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.
  • Apps written in it are lightning fast.
  • Swift - an amazing response - already more than 100,000 apps that have adopted the use of Swift code.
  • Swift was released as open source in December. the adoption has been amazing - the number 1 language project on Github.
  • Powerful and simple - it can be your very first programming language. Because Swift is so easy to learn, it has the potential to bring many more people to coding.

Today Apple is introducing a new App for iPad - Swift Playgrounds.

  • A new way to learn to code with Swift on iPad.
  • We’re seeing a demo of the Swift for iPad and how easy it is to use.

Back to Tim.

  • Developer preview being released today, a public beta in July and it will be in the app store when iOS 10 ships in the US Fall and the Australian Spring.
  • Swift Playgrounds will be free.
  • Apple then played a video of a range of developers, what their first lines of code were and the ways apps have helped them change things for the better.



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