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EXCLUSIVE, VIDEO INTERVIEW: The genuinely ‘cool’ Evapolar next-gen model, evaSMART launching September


iTWire readers are the first in the world to see the new successor to the widely successful Evapolar evaLIGHT, the bigger, better, app-controllable and still super-portable evaSMART personal microclimate experience creator!

Last year, an iTWire colleague had the chance to review the first Evapolar personal microclimate solution, the evaLIGHT EV-1000 series, and gave it top marks for keeping its cool so you can keep your cool – up close and personal.

At Evapolar’s “How it works” page, we can see that it looks like it comes from a very Star Trek-like future, with its technology that “cools the air via natural evaporative cooling, humidifies the air allowing for easier breathing, and filters out dust particles, which is essential for allergy sufferers".

It operates via a USB cable (microUSB for the evaLIGHT and USB-C for the upcoming, new evaSMART EV-3000 series, with 4-6 hours of operating time for the evaLIGHT and around 8 hours for the evaSMART – and it can even be powered by the same portable battery you use to power up your phone.

The company kicked off with a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign in 2015, which received support from more than 6000 early adopters and helped the company raise well over US $1 million.

Now, the company is preparing to launch its next-gen evaporative cooler, the evaSMART EV-3000 series, which can now be controlled via an iOS or Android app, via Amazon Echo, and which will also be compatible with Google Home, Apple HomeKit and more in the near future.

The company’s business development director, Irina Yakubovskaya, arrived in Australia yesterday to prepare for this week’s separate “TGE The Gadget Expo” in Melbourne from 19 to 20 August and “The Home Show” from 17 to 20 August, both at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with stands at both shows, ready for the upcoming hot Australian summer, ready for pre-orders and preparing relationships with the industry so you’ll be able to buy Evapolar models both online, and at retail.

The evaSMART will retail for A$370, compared to the evaLIGHT at A$280 and is slightly larger without detracting from its very easy portability.

Other standout differences include the new model being quieter at 25-40 decibels compared with 27-45 decibels of the original, nearly double the water capacity, greater cooling power, a larger volumetric flow rate, and has that app compatibility for those who wish to control evaSMART via their smart device, as anyone reading this article is very likely to want to do!

So, when I was offered an opportunity to meet Irina to learn all about Evapolar, and more importantly the new evaSMART, I was definitely interested in doing so!

In addition to allowing me to interview her on video, Irina offered me the opportunity to film an unbox video of a brand new test production unit, which we did together as she showed me the various aspects of the evaSMART.

Irina explained that iTWire was the first publication the evaSMART was being shown to, globally, so we are the first to see the evaSMART in action. The true production evaSMART units will come with printed Evapolar and evaSMART branding.

Given Australia has very hot summers, I will be very excitedly looking forward to reviewing the new evaSMART over our summer months, to experience the cooling effects for myself.

In the video, you’ll hear a hum, which is the evaLIGHT that you can see lit up with its blue light, with the evaSMART set to be quieter as noted above.

In the video interview, we discussed Evapolar’s history and the technology within, we talked about the Indiegogo campaign, we talked about the evaSMART and what made it different and better than the original evaLIGHT.

We talked about what kind of future technologies Evapolar has in store for future models, we talked about pricing, interfaces, smart technology, more on the future, great advice Irina has received over the years to help her get where she is today, and her final message to iTWire viewers and readers, and to Evapolar’s current and future customers.

After that we recorded a separate unboxing video of the evaSMART; both videos are embedded below.

So, to conclude, the evaSMART looks like an excellent second-generation device that improves on the first, meaning the first is a great unit for those who don’t need app controllability and who want a lower price, while the new evaSMART adds some nice extras and more power for a little more money.

I look forward to doing a full review in the not-too-distant future, with the evaSMART available to order globally via the Evapolar website from 12 September, with Evapolar’s global partners able to pre-order now.

Here’s my interview with Evapolar’s business development director, Irina Yakubovskaya:

Here’s the Evapolar evaSMART unboxing with Irina!

Here's a spec sheet comparison – if viewing on smartphone, please turn horizontal to see complete chart:

Evapolar spec sheet comparison

Here's how much the Evapolar will cool you down – if viewing on smartphone, please turn horizontal to see complete chart:

Temperature cooling explanation


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