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VIDEOS: EXYRA anti-blue light eyewear protects eyesight so you won’t feel blue


With modern screens emitting blue light, which most people don’t know can be detrimental to your eye and body health, why feel blue when anti-blue light eyewear now exists?

As a society, we have become dependent on technology for our daily existence. I mean, it’s rare to see people without their heads in their screens, whether they’re walking down the street, sitting at a table or even when they’re supposed to be sleeping.

So, it’s no surprise to hear EXYRA Eyewear sharing the stats that “the average Australian household uses up to 6 different digital devices daily for two hours or more for work, school and pleasure.”

Only two hours per day? I feel like I spend virtually half the day in front of my computer each day, and while that’s obviously an exaggeration... is it really?

In any case, Exyra tells us that “prolonged exposure to such devices, more specifically the blue light emitted from LED screens, can be detrimental to our overall eye health; leading to a range of symptoms including but not limited to: eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, neck/back pain and blurred vision.”

Sounds like a pain in the neck beating us up black and blue – and just from using our eyes!

If we keep this up, we’re really letting the eyes have it, and clearly, it’s affecting our mind, body and spirit.

So, what’s the answer to getting an eyeful of the technological blues?

Well, being pupils to the information Exyra is teaching us, it’s interesting to learn that “our eye’s natural lens is not designed to filter artificial blue light from computer screens, tablets and other hi-tech smartphones".

I mean, Moses had tablets, with information designed to be read by your eyes and imprinted onto your retinas on their way to your visual cortex, but they weren’t emitting any blue light, but modern day tablets are practically offering up a permanent blue-light disco.

The company that decided to focus on this came into view as a crowd-funded, Aussie start-up, called EXYRA Eyewear, and they have “developed an innovative and affordable lens solution that blocks natural and artificial blue light from entering our retinas and causing muscular and visual damage to the eyes".

Who knows, that blue light may well be causing macular damage, too.

What Exyra has done is to offer what they bill a “stylish optical frames” which are housing ”non-prescription and prescription lenses”, which are “specially designed to optimise vision when viewing digital screens by reflecting high energy blue light and enabling healthier blue-turquoise wavelengths to enter the retina in order to enhance full colour perception and protect the eye from muscle strain".

Naturally, Exyra’s customers have the option of “upgrading their lenses to include greater magnification, allowing the wearer to accommodate varying degrees of contrast without the need for excessive focussing effort".

And as a bonus, Exyra’s “multi-layered construction also protects from UV damage, including glare, making them a practical and stylish accessory for indoors and out".

Priced from $90, Exyra tells us its range is “available in six styles across 14 different colours and patterns, and comes with free shipping Australia-wide and a 30-day money back guarantee".

Exyra’s website is here, and this part of the site has an explanation on the good and the bad of blue light.

The range of styles can be seen here.

Here are two videos from Exyra with more information – after all, seeing is believing!

EXYRA Stylish Computer Glasses designed to reduce Computer vision syndrome:

EXYRA Anti-Blue Light Glasses (Lens Test):


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