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3SIXT launches Note8 case and edge-to-edge glass screen with ‘everyday protection’


With Samsung’s Note 8 super smartphone about to arrive, it’s no surprise to see smartphone protection companies making quite a racket!

Ok, ok, so I’m not talking about a protection racket. Samsung isn’t purposefully making its phones fragile so that you’re forced to buy protective gear.

I mean, you try making a phone with curved edges with 6.3-inches of glass, while trying to keep everything as light as possible, with as much tech installed as possible, along with as big a battery as possible that won’t explode, and you see how drop-proof your phone is!

So, to protect such technological marvels of the 21st century, you obviously need some kind of protection to keep your phone damage-free, with 3SIXT the latest to offer Note8 accessories.

After all, even if Samsung is offering one free screen repair in Australia, why take the chance you’ll scuff up or scratch your Note 8?

And why would you want your phone with all of its data in the hands of other people, especially if you end up forgetting to back up your data, or even do simple things like use a password or facial ID scanning or anything else?

Of course, you should back up – to your PC or Mac, to Google cloud, to Samsung’s own cloud, to Dropbox and anywhere else you feel comfortable with your data sitting.

But even if you do all of that, your great phone demands that you take upon yourself the great responsibility of choosing new protective accessories!

Now, I did write about Tech21’s range of several cases and a screen protector yesterday, which you can read about here, and which are all at higher prices than 3SIXT’s current range of two accessories below.

You’ll have to decide for yourself what level of protection you want, and how much that protection is worth to you, but as always in our still mostly capitalist and mostly free world, competition is good and gives you the freedom and ability to choose.

3SIXT says its new accessories are here to help you get the most out of your new smartphone, and that they “offer everyday protection, ensuring your phone is safe from drops, dirt and scratches".

First up is the 3SIXT Pureflex Case, at $24.95.

Billed as offering “everyday protection in a slim, lightweight design with a strong clear back”, it has “impact-resistant soft edges” which “guard against damage and the customised design allows you to charge and operate your device effortlessly with clear access to all buttons and controls".

Second is the 3SIXT Edge to Edge Glass Screen Protector, at $34.95.

It offers “superior protection for your new phone, with edges that form perfectly to the contour of the screen. The case friendly, high-tension tempered glass construction prevents scratches and smudges, while ensuring optimum clarity for enhanced viewing".

Now, neither of these devices are yet listed at 3SIXT’s website, but clearly that will be rectified before the month is out, and 3SIXT cases will be available online and in the usual stores where you find them.

So, with quality accessories at different price ranges well below $100 from multiple vendors, and 3SIXT’s well below $50, the only questions you need to answer are:

  • When you’ll buy a protective case and screen protector;
  • Who you’ll buy them from; and
  • Which psychiatrist you’ll make a booking with if you don’t buy yourself protection!

After all, if it’s not on, then any damage droppage will be on you (beyond that free screen replacement Samsung is generously offering), and stuffing around with warranties and being without your phone for any period of time is simply not on!


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