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Worst drink equals 20 large McDonald's fries


Men's Health magazine lists the '20 Worst Drinks in America.' Just reading about them will probably add a bunch of calories to your diet, along with a ton of fat and a load of sugar.


The '20 Worst Drinks in America' are listed in the Men's Health magazine.

All of the drinks have enormous amounts of fat, sugar, and calories that, if consumed frequently, are not good for your body shape and, likewise, are not a very healthy way to live.

The drinks found to be bad enough to be included in Men's Health magazine's Worst Drinks in America range from beer, soda, favored water, lemonade, energy drink, coffee drink, tea, juice, hot chocolate, cocktail, smoothie, and others.

At number one, the worst of the worst drinks, is the Cold Stone Creamery PB&C Shake Gotta Have It Size.

The Cold Stone shake has 2,010 calories, 131 grams of fat (with 68 grams of saturated fat), and 153 grams of sugar. (I'm heading to the emergency room for a heart bypass and a stomach pumping out, just thinking about these numbers!)

The PB&C stands for peanut butter and chocolate because it is made with peanut butter, chocolate ice cream, and milk. But, according to Men's Health magazine, the PB&C should stand for 'potbellies and cardiovascular disease.'

Page two concludes.



The Men's Health article adds, 'After all, this one drink does pack more calories than a dozen ice cream sandwiches and more saturated fat than nearly 20 large orders of McDonald's French fries.'

'And what's even more depressing is that no shake on Cold Stone's menu, not even the small sizes, falls below 1,000 calories.'

Please read through the before-mentioned Men's Health article and see what companies are offering you drink products that are chocked full of calories, fat, and sugar, and often times labeling them as healthy drinks.

The Men's Health article also offers much more health alternatives to these worst drinks in America.

For instance, for the Cold Stone Creamery PB&C Shake Gotta Have It Size, the healthier alternative is the Cold Stone Peanut Butter Ice Cream Like It Size, with 370 calories, 24 grams of fat (13 grams of saturated fat, and 0.5 grams of trans fat), and 28 grams of sugar.

Even this drink is still loaded with fat and sugar, but, at least, it has less than the Cold Stone Creamery PB&C Shake Gotta Have It Size'”at about 12% of the total calories, 18% of the total fat, and 18% of the total sugar.


Check out the Promote Health and Fitness article "Top 10 Healthy Drinks That Can Help You Lose Weight" for even better alternatives (less fat, calories, and sugar) of drinks for a healthy lifestyle.




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