Tuesday, 16 June 2020 16:16

MyFiziq and NuraLogix combine to create never before seen total health screen

By MyFiziq

VENDOR NEWS:  MyFiziq Limited (ASX:MYQ), the company behind proprietary dimensioning technology that enables its users to check, track, and assess their dimension using only a smartphone privately and accurately, has this week signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Canadian based NuraLogix Corporation.

NuraLogix is a pioneer of Affective Artificial Intelligence (AI) – the combination of affective computing and artificial intelligence.

It has developed the world’s first cloud-based Affective AI Engine, DeepAffexTM, which utilises the company’s proprietary facial imaging technology, Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOITM).

DeepAffex is used to predict a wide array of human physiological and psychological effects using nothing more than the video camera found on any smartphone.

NuraLogix is behind the world's first smartphone app, AnuraTM, which can inform you about your general health and wellness in 30 seconds. The technology utilises a video camera like that found on a smartphone to take a 30-second selfie video of your face, determining a wide range of physiological and health-related parameters including heart rate, heart rate variability, blood pressure, stress, cardiovascular disease risks and much more.

The video camera extracts blood flow information from the face which is then processed by DeepAffexTMadvanced machine learning algorithms that form part of the group’s cloud-based Affective AI Engine.

This is highly complementary to MyFiziq’s image dimensioning capabilities. It is these capabilities that will be combined with DeepAffex and Transdermal Optical Imaging to form a never before seen total health screen from a mobile phone.

Advanced warning of chronic health conditions

The information gathered using DeepAffex assists individuals in understanding their exposure to chronic debilitating diseases, including those primarily characterised by irregular blood pressure, heart and respiratory levels. These diseases account for 70% of deaths globally each year.

Users stand to benefit from seeing the early warning signs of cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes risk and stroke.

MyFiziq chief executive Vlado Bosanac said, “This is an extremely exciting partnership for the companies.

‘’Bringing our technologies together will not only create a one of a kind solution, furthermore it will be unrivalled.

‘’Our offerings in a standalone environment have a deep patent suite.

‘’When combining the company solutions, we not only form a unique offering, but one that enhances both companies’ ability to be the dominant player in digital health and convenience.

‘’The solutions form an easy to use, comprehensive review of an individual, accurately, privately, and conveniently from their mobile phone.’’

COVID-19 symptoms analysis

Importantly, in this day and age, users will have the option to engage in an in-app COVID-19 symptoms analysis developed and tested by NuraLogix in collaboration with St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto, and Zhongda Hospital in China.

The app is designed to produce an AI based model which was trained and tested on the symptom’s profiles of COVID-19 patients.

The model predicts the likelihood of someone having COVID-19 versus seasonal flu or cold.

NuraLogix has been published previously for its work in determining health parameters via a mobile device in world leading publications such as The American Heart Association – Cardiovascular Imaging.

The doctors and clinicians that collaborated with NuraLogix in concluding the COVID-19 study have determined the outcome to be so significant that the results are being presented for publication.

The Anura COVID sample screen is shown below.

MyFIZIQ in article image

NuraLogix is a non-invasive app that enables users the choice to screen themselves at home or work when they feel they may have been exposed and are showing any known COVID-19 symptoms.

Global market solution

Under the terms of the MOU, MyFiziq and NuraLogix have agreed to develop the application in a demonstrated mobile application (Demo App) combining their technologies to be used to evaluate the potential for a full commercial version of the application over the next 90 day period (Term).

At the end of the Term, should both parties consider the response of potential customers to the Demo App to be promising enough for further pursuit, they shall then negotiate a formal commercial agreement to specify terms including, but not limited to, pricing, revenue sharing, intellectual property, development work and marketing.

MyFiziq and NuraLogix intend to integrate the patented solutions to expand the capabilities of their capture suite for a potential global market.

Initially, they will only offer the Demo App to The Serfaty Clinic in Brazil and WeSure/WeFit in Mainland China. Upon a successful outcome, the company will then look to take the offering to a broader global audience.

MyFiziq has undertaken the entirety of the integration to expedite the process, envisaging completion of the build in readiness for handover in the next 60 days.

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