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VIDEO Interview: G Medical Innovations brings 21st century 'tricorder' to life


Getting a truly thorough and complete medical diagnosis from a handheld portable device is still in the realm of science fiction, but Prizma is our closest 21st century equivalent.

Although our smartwatches and fitness bands have started giving us access to heart rate, steps counted and other basic measurements, these devices are consumer grade, rather than the medical grade they'll need to be to deliver medical-grade readings.

We live in an era where technological advances are made every day, with all manner of new technologies appearing not only on crowdfunding sites, but also from highly experienced operators with decades of experience and their own funding to bring projects to life.

One such person is Dr Yacov Geva, chief executive of G Medical Innovations, with decades of experience in business, life, success and the medical realm.

His company is G Medical Innovations, based in Israel, but which was approached by the ASX to list on our Australian stock exchange, which the company has done.

G Medical has two products – the Prizma smartphone case sensor that operates like an early version of Star Trek's futuristic tricorder, as well as a G Medical Patch that can deliver live vital signs and more to your doctors and nurses in real time on a constant basis.

At the end of this article are two videos, created by G Medical, which showcase both products, but first is an interview with Dr Yacov Geva, who is in Australia this week to meet investors, the media, and future customers.

The interview proved Dr Geva an impressive and successful man, with the vision, drive and means to bring his products to life, and get them used around the world.

With the G Medical Priza smartphone case already CE and FDA certified, Dr Geva awaits Australian TGA certification, which he hopes to achieve soon.

So, here's my video interview, after which I summarise the questions, go through some of Prizma's features and benefits, and then show you the two videos that G Medical has embedded on its own site.

I asked Dr Geva about his history in the world of technology and medicine, and he proceeded to explain in some impressive detail the wide range of business successes he has achieved over the years to be in a position to launch G Medical Innovations.

We then spoke about how Prizma seems like the start of tricorder-style technology from Star Trek, with Dr Geva explaining how the technology worked, and about its hardware and design.

We discussed the work needed to get FDA and CE approval, and whether or not Prizma has received TGA approval yet.

We looked at price, we looked at usage scenarios, we talked about G Medical's other innovation, the intelligent patched, and we imagined what the future of such medical devices might be in a decade's time.

Dr Geva generously shared some great advice he had received earlier in life to help him get where he is today, and then shared his final messages to iTWire viewers and readers, and for G Medical's future customers.

You can read a four-page white paper (PDF link) that gives plenty of additional detail on the Prizma device and technology.

The product page for both the Prizma and the patch is here.

Here are the company's videos on both devices.

G Medical Prizma smartphone cover video:

G Medical Patch:


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