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7 FULL VIDEOS: AMD Avengers rising in epic move to wipe out half of Intel's sales across the universe


Complete with its Infinity Fabric laden with AMD's six gems compromising of Ryzen and Ryzen Pro, Radeon, SenseMI, GuardMI, Zen and EPYC, AMD's avenging, superhero-like, next-gen technologies are making life very tough for Intel, and great again for PC buyers.

Not content with merely making PCs great again, chipmaker AMD is set to avenge users who have put up with decades of Intel inefficiencies, high costs and artificially overpriced product differentiation with its latest enterprise and business-ready range of new AMD Ryzen Pro processors.

AMD Inside. It's the slogan that never was, but if AMD has anything to do with it, plenty more people in the worlds of consumer and businesses of all sizes are about to upgrade to new computers that won't have Intel inside them – from desktops to data centres, from notebooks to NUCs and more.

That's because not only have the world's largest commercial PC manufacturers introduced the broadest range yet of new AMD Ryzen PRO Mobile and Desktop APU powered systems, including Dell Latitude, HP Elite, and Lenovo Think designs, but because these are simply the latest and greatest systems to emerge in AMD's prosperous new ecosystem of performance, power, portability and palpable par-excellence promise of paradigm-changing productivity.

That's great news for consumers, and especially businesses who may have put off refreshing their fleets of PCs over the last few years, because now they can get a lot more back for their buck, and tell higher prices to buck and back off back to where they came from.

Indeed, competition is good, and never has it been more welcome in the PC world, which has forced Intel to up its game with its six-core Core i9 processors, meaning customers around the world have more choice than ever from both major processor makers.

Even Apple has chosen AMD Radeon Pro Vega graphics for its new iMac Pro systems, but Apple fans are still waiting for the company to finally put AMD's superior processors into its traditional MacBook range and iMacs, let alone the Mac mini – but perhaps we might see Apple make some moves in that regard this year, or next.

C'mon Tim Cook and Jony Ive, we know you can do it, and you know we want it, so how about giving it to us?

Appeals to Apple aside, what AMD has done is to announce unprecedented adoption of its AMD Ryzen PRO processors, including new notebooks and desktops powered by Ryzen PRO processors with built-in Radeon Vega graphics now available from the world’s three largest enterprise PC OEMs – the aforementioned Dell, HP and Lenovo.

Here's the first of seven videos from AMD's Ryzen Pro and EPYC launch in Santa Clara, the article continues thereafter, please read on!

What this means is that AMD Ryzen PRO APUs for premium commercial desktop and notebooks provide commercial PC buyers with "new levels of choice and innovation and enable Dell, HP, and Lenovo to create a range of business systems, from sleek enterprise notebooks to powerful commercial desktops".

And, as noted above, this combination of PC OEMs and new systems make up "the broadest portfolio of AMD processor-based enterprise PCs in the company’s history" – something that could only have happened because AMD has delivered game-changing technologies that put AMD back in the game, and for the first time in years, following the last couple of years of AMD Ryzen resurgence, back in the driver's seat.

Jim Anderson, senior vice-president and general manager of AMD's Computing and Graphics Business Group, said: "Our mission with AMD Ryzen processors is to deliver more performance, features, and choice to users. We’ve fulfilled this promise over the last year across the premium consumer desktop and notebook markets.

"Now, we bring those same principles to a full range of commercial notebooks and desktops.

"The new enterprise platforms introduced by Dell, HP and Lenovo mark an important milestone for AMD, demonstrating that we are addressing the needs of the premium commercial market from top-to-bottom. Ryzen PRO mobile processors can enable all-day battery life up to 16 hours of use, world-class productivity performance, and sensational graphics built on Radeon technology.”

Here's the second of seven videos from the AMD Ryzen Pro and EPYC launch event – you'll see AMD's very cool EPYC commercial at the 10min 30sec mark, but of course the video is very much worth watching in full. The article continues below, please read on thereafter!

AMD's description of its Ryzen PRO processors are that they're "designed to meet the fast-changing requirements of today’s business PC users, including both commercial workloads and rich multimedia capabilities that are becoming more typical as the traditional boundaries between work and personal computing merge".

"Offering desktop-class performance in an ultrathin notebook, the AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 2700U offers more system performance than the competition and up to 16 hours of battery life to enable all-day productivity.

"In desktop, the AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 2400G and AMD Ryzen 3 PRO 2200G delivers world-class performance on heavily graphics-intensive commercial and workstation-grade workloads ranging from graphics design to 3D CAD to medical imaging, while also excelling at general office productivity tasks."

AMD also reminds that they've all been designed "specifically for the commercial market", with all Ryzen PRO processors providing "security, reliability and performance with the award-winning AMD 'Zen' architecture".

"Armed with AMD GuardMI technology, Ryzen PRO processors with Radeon Vega Graphics offer state-of-the-art security at the silicon level from power-on to power-off. Commercial-grade quality and reliability help ensure platform longevity, and open-standard manageability helps safeguard businesses from being locked into proprietary solutions."

So, what do AMD's global OEM and partners have to say?

Well, during the AMD Ryzen Pro 2018 event in front of global press and industry analysts earlier this month that you can see in all of the videos embedded into this article, several top global PC OEMs "unveiled a breadth of commercial platform offerings including light but powerful enterprise notebooks, robust enterprise desktops, compact enterprise micro towers and small form factor desktops, all powered by Ryzen PRO processors with Radeon Vega Graphics".

Andy Rhodes, vice-president and general manager of Dell's Commercial Mobility Solutions, said: “We’re proud to introduce our first Ryzen PRO based Latitude 5495 laptop that delivers outstanding performance in a beautiful design.

“The Latitude 5495 complements the OptiPlex 5055 desktop PC and provides our customers with another compelling AMD Ryzen PRO option within the world’s most secure, manageable and reliable commercial portfolio.”

AMD Ryzen Pro Dell briefing: May 2018, Video 3/7

Jerry Paradise, Lenovo's vice-president of Global Commercial Portfolio and Product Management, said: "For more than 25 years, the ThinkPad brand has been defined by simplicity, function, and reliability. And as the digital transformation advances with exponential speed, Lenovo maintains a relentless quest to deliver a no-compromise customer experience.

“Expanding that portfolio to include the latest Ryzen PRO processors in our ThinkPad A series notebooks and ThinkCentre M715q & M725s desktops helps us to further support our enterprise customers and their ever-evolving business requirements.”

AMD Ryzen Pro Lenovo briefing: May 2018, Video 4/7

Lorena Kubera, global head of Commercial Product Management, HP Inc, said: "HP is redefining the commercial PC experience as the traditional boundaries between work and life blend.

"Our latest offerings with AMD Ryzen PRO processors integrate powerful processing and graphics into innovative solutions built with a focus on design, security, and collaboration to power the modern workforce.”

AMD Ryzen Pro HP briefing: May 2018, Video 5/7

Even Microsoft was there with full support for AMD Ryzen Pro (albeit without yet announcing an AMD-powered Surface Pro), with Roanne Sones, the general manager of strategy and ecosystem for Windows, stating: "Modern workers are changing how they work and play – always on-the-go, multi-tasking from basic office productivity work like emailing, word processing, editing spreadsheets and presentations, to web browsing and livestreaming multimedia content all at the same time.

“The new multi-core design of Ryzen PRO processors delivers amazing performance on Windows 10 PCs, while the ‘Vega’ graphics architecture enables a smoother and richer visual experience, ideally suited for today’s modern commercial environments.”

You'll also see Microsoft speaking in either the first or second video of the series above about its love of AMD, which Microsoft does use to power all of its Xbox One systems, after all, and has for years. 

AMD Ryzen Pro media Q&A 2018, Video 6 of 7 (look out for my Avengers quip near the end of the session)

Also launched was an incredible new campaign for AMD's EPYC range of server processors, with a very cheeky and clever ad campaign that takes the fight right up to Intel, as you'll see in all the videos in this article.

AMD's epic EPYC Server 2018 briefing, Video 7 of 7

So, AMD's Ryzen star has risen tremendously over the past couple of years, shocking Intel to its Core iSeries and shaking the Core i9 from Intel's tree in response, yet AMD hasn't stood still.

The comapny is accelerating ahead at full speed, with even more advanced versions of all its technologies in development, with a tremendous roadmap for the future.

It's wonderful news for all technology consumers, for it lights a fire under the ARM processor makers too, as all players seek to create ever more powerful and better value technologies for us all to compute better futures with, and that's a future we're all heading for – and not even Thanos can stop that.

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5. Even Intel knows when it is beaten, what with it having launched its own Intel 8th-gen Core Processors, but with AMD Radeon RX Vega M graphics inside, plus a new NUC.

The writer attended AMD's Ryzen Pro event in Santa Clara as a guest of AMD.


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