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Friday, 15 January 2021 07:58

CES 2021 Health Tech Gamut that Deserves our Undivided Attention


Despite the online-only Consumer Electronics Show featuring several innovations, our focus will strictly be on health-tech. From sleep study to top-notch ECGs, health-centric technology takes the cake at the CES 2021, more so in the wake of the existential threats concerning the pandemic.

Amid the wide range of health care modules, technologies, and concepts, it is the idea of remote healthcare that comes across as the most innovative. With 2020 being the most restrictive year in terms of free-willed movements, a majority of individuals shifted permanently to telemedicine. CES 2021 brings quite a few innovative technologies that further the concept of telemedicine and allow doctors to be more receptive and accommodative towards online patients.

However, the health-tech at CES is anything but restrictive as the leading OEMs and tech-firms have taken it upon themselves to attend to diverse medical disorders and conditions, including but not limited to neurological ailments, allergies, and cardiovascular health.

So let’s get the ball rolling by discussing the market-moving technologies:

HealthyU and Holistic Heart Monitoring

The concept of a seven-lead, multi-functional ECG machine gets a revamped layout at CES, with HD Medical introducing the all-in-one HealthyU for making vitals monitoring easier than ever. To start with, this prototype stacks several resources into one, including a reliable pulse oximeter, dedicated microphone for monitoring lung and heart sounds, blood pressure monitor, and a heart rate indicator. Regardless of these attributes, the gadget is supposed to be smaller than a standard GoPro camera.

While the gadget still awaits FDA validation, it might just be one of the better amalgamations of remote healthcare and IoT. This device aims at simplifying heart health determination and can be termed as one of the best gadgets that fit into the fabric of the ongoing pandemic.

Flo and the Automated Hay Fever Medication

Flo gets the unveiling it deserves as it is one of the best products to show up at the CES 2021. Designed by Fluo Labs, this gadget helps you manage hay fever and relevant tendencies by countering the bodily release of histamines. Besides, it also has a mechanism to block allergens from entering the body.

The concept here is that the patient needs to insert the device into one nostril and leave it unattended for 10 seconds, before using it in the other. Flo takes the concept of Near Infrared and red light whilst projecting the precise dosage, power, pulse structure, and wavelength to counter histamine release. Flo also has the ability to minimize rhinitis inflammation and at present, there are no side-effects to be wary of.

Therefore, with this device at your service, it becomes easier to get rid of hay fever even while watching movies and videos on your streaming devices. Moreover, if you are worried about electrical interference and power attenuation, a gadget review expert at Fire Stick Tricks claims otherwise, while guaranteeing non-interference with Television sets, Wi-Fi-powered streaming devices, and other nifty gadgets that are small and easier to ignore.

Connected Cuff for Seamless Blood Pressure Monitoring

A new launch from Omron takes blood pressure monitoring to a whole new level, precisely by using the concepts of IoT and sending over the information and relevant data to the concerned medical practitioners. The gadget includes the cuff, measuring scale, and a data hub that also features an integrated modem for keeping the device connected to the internet. This makes automated blood pressure monitoring the new peak that CES 2021 and the related launches look to surmount.

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Dedicated Stickers for Sleep Position Tracking

Have you heard doctors about the benefits of sleeping in certain positions? If you are planning to change the sleeping patterns and habits as a part of the New Year resolution, special stickers from Tatch might just come in as handy little devices? Each sticker comes forth as a wearable wireless sensor, which one can stick to the stomach or even the chest. This allows you to monitor the snoring patterns and even respiration rates, while you are asleep.

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However, the most innovative facet is the ability of the sticker to determine the quality of sleep based on the position. However, the technology isn’t as powerful to let you know about the existence of sleep apnea in person or lack thereof. Moreover, the pricing seems to be pretty competitive as stickers, as a part of the pilot program, will start at 60 dollars.

A helmet that detects Alzheimer Dementia

In case you are looking for an adventurous and intuitive brain mapping device at the CES, iSyncWave has a special surprise for you. Projected as a helmet, this gadget provides LED therapy and ensures that you can detect neurological issues, ADHD, depression, PTSD, and other conditions at ease, whilst sending the information over to the doctors. The best thing about the device is that it allows you to shun the gel-based EEG format and can help you monitor brain movements and impulses by simply sitting on the scalp.

Helping Calling Lamp

This is probably the most innovative health-cum-productivity tech to be launched at the CES 2021. Better termed as the Nobi Lamp, this resource is more like an overhead lamp that can detect movement inside the room and can intimate others if you fall down from a particular position. The Nobi Lamp has quite a few sensors to determine every form of body alignment. Therefore, you can always place the same at a vulnerable location and ensure that the family members are automatically intimated in case you require assistance to get up.

Sonicare Toothbrush

The innovative Prestige 9900 is one of the best toothbrushes, which will be made available from April onwards. As a part of the innovation, this toothbrush allows you to monitor the extent of cleaning while helping you adjust the vibrations to reach the desired portion of the mouth.

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While these are some of the more sought-after health-based technologies to debut at the CES, we shall be covering others in some of the subsequent discussions.

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