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US brings an end to net neutrality regulations

The Federal Communications Commission in the United States has ended net neutrality rules which regulate access to the Internet and which required Internet Service Providers to treat all Web traffic equally.

ACCC snares Catchdeal, Techrific, BecexTech over dodgy mobile, tablet advertising

Online electronics retailers BecexTech, Techrific and CatchDeal have provided court-enforceable undertakings to the competition watchdog, the ACCC, after admitting they advertised electronic goods such as mobile phones and tablet computers as 'new', when they were in fact refurbished.

Facebook changes policy, to book local ad revenue locally

Facebook has changed its approach to booking its ad revenue, announcing that it will move to a local selling structure in countries where it has an office to support local advertising sales.

France to ban mobile phones in schools from Sept

The French Government has announced that it will ban the use of mobile phones in primary, junior and middle schools from September next year.

Israel antitrust body looking at Google Web ad dominance

The Antitrust Authority in Israel is looking into a complaint by Artimedia, a platform for video advertising, that Google's dominance of the Internet advertising market could constitute a possible restraint of trade.

Bill to penalise sexting without consent introduced

The Australian Government will introduce a bill in parliament today to impose penalties on those who share intimate images without consent.

Google, Facebook to be excluded from safe harbour provisions: report

Legislation to make changes in safe harbour copyright provisions will be introduced in the Australian parliament today, but Google, Facebook and some local start-ups will be excluded.

Apple, Ireland reach deal on escrow fund for EU fine

Apple and Ireland have reached a deal on terms for an escrow fund for a €13 billion (US$17.6 billion) fine imposed by the European Union in August last year, with the money to stay in the fund while both the tech firm and Dublin appeal the EU's verdict.

Market power of Facebook, Google to come under scrutiny by ACCC

The competition watchdog, the ACCC, says it has an open mind as it prepares, at the direction of the federal government, to undertake an inquiry into the market power of digital platforms, like Facebook and Google, in the Australian market.

German minister seeks backdoor access to digital devices

The German Government reportedly wants to force automobile and technology companies to provide the country's security services with hidden access, according to a published report.

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