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Commerce Commission reviewing NZ fibre ahead of regulation

New Zealand’s competition regulator The Commerce Commission has launched a study of fibre services, to help it prepare for future regulation of fibre networks across the country.

Labor urges government to retain NRS at same access level

The Australian Labor Party has urged the government to consult consumer groups and the community around the National Relay Service about any changes that are being considered, to ensure that the same level of access as at present is maintained.

US Justice Dept investigating Huawei over Iran sanctions

The United States has upped the ante in its ongoing battle against Huawei Technologies, with the Justice Department investigating whether the Chinese telecommunications giant has violated US sanctions on Iran.

Europe probe into Apple acquisition of Shazam

The European Commission has opened an investigation into Apple's proposed acquisition of music recognition applications maker Shazam, saying it is concerned "that the merger could reduce choice for users of music streaming services".

Report claims Kaspersky Lab could face ban on operating in US

The US Government is claimed to be mulling more sanctions against Russian security provider Kaspersky Lab as part of a wider round of actions against the Russian Government and this could lead to a ban on the company operating in the US.

ZTE gets chance to present more info to US over ban

Chinese telecommunications equipment maker ZTE has been granted an opportunity to present additional evidence over the export ban imposed on the firm by the US Commerce Department.

Ingenico-Paymark deal under scrutiny by Commerce Commission

New Zealand’s competition regulator, The Commerce Commission, is considering a clearance application from global payment services company Ingenico Group to acquire 100% of shares in the bank-owned Paymark Limited.

COAG pushes for more support to innovation precincts

Members of the Council of Australian Governments Industry and Skills Council have agreed, in principle, to support innovation precincts as part of a national industry and innovation policy.

Australia confirms no Huawei role in Solomons undersea cable

Australia has confirmed that Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei will have no role in an undersea cable system linking the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to Sydney, with an announcement that Canberra will provide the majority of funds for the project.

Google employees could revolt over bid for huge Defence contract

Google is making a quiet bid to win a US$10 billion cloud contract from the US Defence Department which is to be awarded before the end of the year. However, many of the company's employees believe there would be strong objections to providing cloud services to support combat operations.

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