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Wednesday, 11 May 2016 12:17

Samsung S6 and S6 Edge In OZ: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow now here


Android devices that aren’t Google’s own Nexus devices always take a while to get Android OS updates, but for S6 and S6 Edge users they’re here at last.

Although Samsung announced its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices would start getting Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow updates earlier this year, Australians have been waiting and waiting.

It’s the usual story with Android OS updates when you’re not using either Google’s Nexus-branded Android smartphones, or those from the formerly Google-owned Motorola brand.

Sure, Samsung phones seem to get regular security updates, which is fantastic, but the Android 6.0.1 update for the S6 and S6 Edge came out well after the S7 and S7 Edge went on sale.

Over the past few months, I’ve been checking every now and then to see if the S6 Edge I have offered an update yet, but each time, I saw the dreaded ‘you already have the latest updates’ message - or words to that effect.

The primary reason why I wanted to upgrade to Android 6.x is because it offered a much better selection of ‘edge’ panels for the S6 Edge handset - the same set of edge panels you would find on the Samsung S7 edge.

Here’s an example of some of the new ‘edges’ now available - with several more to download in a Samsung online store, with most paid edges in between $1 and $3 or so, and a few free edges, too.

 1A-S6 edge panels

Sadly, when Samsung launched the S6 edge with Android OS Lollipop 5.0, the edge functionality was dramatically reduced over what had been possible and available with the Note 4 edge from the year before.

Then came the rumours and eventually the news that the Android OS 6.x update would bring new functionality and new edge features to the S6 edge - but you needed to get that Android 6.x update first!

Or, you needed to buy an S7 edge instead and redeploy your S6 edge elsewhere.

Well for Australians, at least, the wait should be over, although it likely still depends on your carrier.

The S6 edge I am using is unlocked and not any carrier specific model, and the update became available last week.

Still, it is worth checking your ‘software update’ button in the ‘about phone’ section of Settings app to see whether you have an update, too.

More below, please read on!

One edge that I’m sad not to see is the ruler edge, showing centimetres, millimetres and inches. This was an edge screen available to the Note 4 edge, but isn’t on the S6 or S7, and no-one has bothered to make one available for sale, or for free as yet.

Why Samsung itself hasn’t done this is beyond me, as they offered it before. Also, why Samsung isn’t creating more free or paid edges is also a mystery - if I were Samsung I’d be putting a few more resources into creating cool edge apps and screens for S6 and S7 edge customers.

In any case, the update should now be available in Australia, as I have been able to finally download it at last, and it gives you the very latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OS update.

For security reasons and so you can have the latest and greatest OS on your Samsung S6 range, it is time to update!



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