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Monday, 13 July 2009 06:46

Chk chk boom: Ninemsn re-launches video site!

After the curious “chk chk boom” Kings Cross shooting commentary video that a Channel Nine Australia cameraman captured, which first enthralled online video viewers because of its content and then because the commentary turned out to wholly imaginary, “ninemsn” has decided to re-launch its video site – presumably to ensure video viewers continue their “chk chk boom” trajectory growth!

Ok, so “chk chk boom” isn’t the only video at the ninemsn site, and it’s not the only reason why video viewers are visiting ninemsn instead of YouTube, but it’s one that most readers would instantly remember, given the kerfuffle it caused “down under”.

And, while ninemsn’s press release on its new “video destination site” doesn’t mention the infamous video at all, it must have contributed massively to ninemsn’s video viewers that month, and must have reminded ninemsn that YouTube definitely isn’t the only video viewing game in town.

Although you could click on the link above, ninemsn says its new site won’t actually launch until tomorrow (July 14), and although it makes no reference to Bastille Day whatsoever (where there were quite a few “chk chk booms” of some consequence at the time), ninemsn does say that the launch “coincides with unprecedented growth in the online video category for ninemsn which has seen monthly streams increase from an average of 1 million a month in 2006 to an average of 11 million a month in 2009.”

Ninemsn is promoting its “innovating matrix-style display” of more than 40,000 video clips which “highlights individual content providers and allows people to sort content by TV show, content channel or by genre”, and again, while there’s no mention of blue pills or red pills in ninemsn’s “matrix”, there are choices: consumers will have the option to view videos in channels, such as entertainment, sport or news.

While these choices certainly don’t come with the potential consequences that Neo faced waking up to a world of machines, Joe Pollard, ninemsn’s CEO, did note the strategic nature of the new announcement.

Pollard promptly pointed out that: “Video is a strategic priority for ninemsn and a key differentiator for us in the online market. We have carefully considered the consumer and how best to display our range of content when building this great new product.
“The consumer will find the new site more interactive and engaging with respect to the way content is now displayed. Long form content in particular is in high demand and our content partnerships incorporate Channel Nine plus clips from 15 other video providers including MTV, Splash, National Geographic, Planet X, The History Channel and Lonely Planet. The site will also provide video recommendations based on previous behaviour, as well as most popular highlights.”

So, what does it all mean for ninemsn’s televisual partner and half-owner, Channel Nine, and what other fortuitously funky features is ninemsn promising?


As you might remember, the “chk chk boom” video on the ninemsn site had the “9RAW” logo, designating it as “raw” video that could easily end up on the cutting room floor if no producer or editor thought it worthy enough to televise.

So, ninemsn tells us that from a Channel Nine perspective, “ninemsn video includes all 9RAW vision, live streaming of the 6pm News bulletin as well as the recent addition of live streaming the TODAY Show.”

The “Today Show” has proven a popular live stream, with ninemsn recording 130,000 streams of the “special extended edition” of the Today Show on Friday the 26th of June, although no other days are listed.

In addition, “Channel Nine long form content will also be available on the site with the option to stream entire-program episodes or download them.”

So, what are some of the other ninemsn video site features?

- Sharing toolbar enables sharing content via social networks

- Rewind provides a bookmark to save previously viewed content

- DNA recommends other videos based on user behaviour

- Continuous scroll of content thumbnails down the page

- Larger video window makes watching content the primary experience

- Matrix style home page with inline video preview allows quick browsing of entire content

- Enhanced search and browse functionality with mini video player to keep browsing while watching

- Lights out with rollover of images.

Video viewers will also use “an inline player” as it is being “incorporated throughout the entire ninemsn network to help further integrate video content in an editorial capacity.”

So, if you want a break, but you’ve already eaten your Kit-Kat and aren’t yet ready for work, the latest in office time wasting has arrived: a new version of Ninemsn video.

Just don’t let your boss catch you, or it might be “chk chk boom” for your career!


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