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Sunday, 05 September 2010 22:49

D-Day: Independents' election decision likely

The three rural independent MPs who hold the key to formating the next government are likely to make a decision today on whether to back Tony Abbott's Coalition or Labor's Julia Gillard, with broadband looming as a primary deal maker or breaker.

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Friday, 03 September 2010 13:14

Broadband not on Katter's wish-list

Rural independent MP Bob Katter has made public his 'wish-list' of issues he wants addressed by Prime Minister Julia Gillard or Opposition leader Tony Abbott before he is prepared to offer his support to either in forming a minority government - and it doesn't include broadband.

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Thursday, 02 September 2010 22:25

Seven Telco Dwarfs seek wireless distopia

I feel blessed to live in a society where even the most disingenuous are allowed to have their say, unmolested by thoughts of the common good.

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