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A recent U.S. study has found that the general public’s and the mass media’s lack of awareness of nanotechnology has led to misconceptions about the emerging technology.

Published in Biology
Scientists are developing tiny magnetic particles called nanodots that are only a few billionth of a meter in diameter. The nanodots are showing promise in decreasing the amount of data storage space by at least one-hundred times what is currently held with hard disk drives. With storage requirements doubling about every year, nanodots may hold the answer to handling increasingly large amounts of digital data.

Published in Biology
Chemical engineering researchers IIsoon Lee and Troy Hendricks from Michigan State University (MSU) have postulated that nanoparticles could prevent human skin from wrinkling. While researching the use of nanoparticles to prevent the buckling and wrinkling of thin polymer films, they conclude that their research results could equally be applied to human skin wrinkles.
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