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Tuesday, 08 April 2008 09:31

Note to HP: The Mini-Note PC rocks!

Watch out ASUS – HP’s Mini-Note PC might be a bit more expensive, but it’s squarely aimed at knocking the Eee PC off its perch as the most desirable sub-notebook computer out there. It comes with Linux or Windows, too – will the Mini-Note be the one for you?

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Miniaturisation has delivered us the MacBook Air, the Lenovo X300, the Eee PC and the upcoming HTC Shift. Analyst Rob Enderle, among others, wants to see a merger of these types of devices to create the perfect portable PC.

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When you buy a computer today, it often comes with a range of third party software, pre-loaded for your ‘convenience’. Sometimes it’s useful – such as a pre-loaded Internet security suite with a 15 month subscription, other times it’s useless demo software that’s just taking up space and must be manually uninstalled. Why do companies do this, and why did Sony decide to charge money to take the ‘unwanted’ software away?

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