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Nokia has been bragging for months that it is the world's largest manufacturer of digital cameras. That was just the entrée. Next it plans to eat Apple's lunch by stealing dominance of the MP3 player market from the iPod, and for dessert chew up video camera sales.

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With talk of virtual click wheels, full screen iPods and even iPod phones, speculation and debate has raged on how Apple might outdo its existing iconic design. A touch controlled bezel is one possibility Apple is publicly considering through a US patent application. And that iPod phone? It’s already here. Want to see it?

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Sunday, 29 October 2006 19:43

The phone that's thrice the price of an iPod

Ever wondered what a mobile phone from Bang and Olufsen would look like? Armed with Samsung’s technical expertise, they’ve applied their design brilliance to creating one of the most unique mobile phones ever seen. The name? Serene. The price? US $1275.

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