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Victory for the “eBay Rebels”? It’s all thanks to the August 15 “Payments System Board Meeting”, where the Reserve Bank of Australia decided to act on eBay’s desire to mandate usage of or through its PayPal online payments system, proclaiming a “view to seeking the removal of these rules”.

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Could one banking giant be about to shake up the mobile business by cracking a BlackBerry addiction and making the move to iPhone instead? It might just mean the end of the slide-out keyboard iPhone prototype as well...

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One of the major sellers on eBay has gone belly up, leaving many customers in the lurch. eBay says it will refund people who purchased with PayPal, even though it is not obliged to do so, but will leave everyone else in the cold. An eBay rebel says it could be a “cover up” and has explained why.

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