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Rootkits are the not-so-secret, yet increasingly sophisticated weapon of online criminals targeting Windows users even before their computer boots up, with the Mebroot / Sinowal / Torpig rootkit potentially the worst of the bunch, completely invisible to traditional AV programs – but not to TrustDefender.

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Saturday, 20 December 2008 21:18

TrustDefender and the Trojan Vundo story

Even with anti-virus protection, this is the story of Vundo Trojan infecting a protected computer anyway. A different anti-virus product removed the Trojan, but it kept coming back, so here’s how the Trojan was removed, and how TrustDefender would have kept that user protected – despite being infected.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Sunday, 14 December 2008 13:00

Are iPhone-friendly sites actually a disservice?

Whether the iPhone is the biggest selling phone in the world or not, it's certainly become the most publicised. Businesses are clamouring to produce customised versions of their web sites which auto-detect than an iPhone is being used and render content to suit. Yet, are these actually hampering visitors?

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