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While employers have been quick to complain about the potential IT impact of new payroll requirements under WorkChoices legislation, relatively few have made any effort to update their systems to accommodate the legislation, a new study shows.

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This just in from the Microsoft-sponsored-surveys-designed-to-tell-Redmond-the-bleeding-obvious department: most CIOs have welcomed the company's recent interoperability deal with Novell, preferring enterprise systems that can actually talk to each other to Microsoft's more customary "we set the standard and you all have to follow" approach.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2006 01:37

iTunes slump draws belated attention

In the Internet era, information is supposed to travel instantly, especially when it concerns hot technologies like the iPod. So how come it took most of the world more than a week to notice a report from Forrester Research suggesting that sales to iPod owners through the iTunes store weren't actually that impressive?



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