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Tuesday, 19 December 2006 01:55

Small business owners latch on to technology

Most small business owners globally recognise the usefulness of IT to their business, but one in five think it has no value at all, a new study suggests.

Tuesday, 19 December 2006 01:09

Is it an iPhone? Yes, but not from Apple

Linksys' surprise announcement of a Skype-enabled handset called the iPhone has upset Apple enthusiasts, and provides yet another demonstration of how basic facts like trademark registrations rarely get in the way of a good rumour.

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Monday, 18 December 2006 17:08

Gears Of War grind quickly to record sales

Gears of War, the much-hyped Xbox 360 multi-player third-person shooter, has gotten off to a flying start, with shipments of more than 2 million copies in six weeks leading Microsoft to proclaim it the "fast-selling next-generation console game" to date.

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