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U.S. sales figures have been released for December and despite the GEC (yep! The Global Economic Crisis has earned an acronym) the video game industry continues to flourish.  Microsoft will be happy with a continued sales lead of the Xbox 360 over rival Sony PlayStation 3, but nobody will be surprised with Nintendo’s dais position.

Published in Entertainment
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 08:39

New study links child aggression to video games

Published today in the journal Pediatrics, a new study has reportedly linked the use of violent video games with violent behaviour in children.

Published in Radioactive IT
Thursday, 16 October 2008 17:12

Outsourcing bombs to six year low

TPI is the largest sourcing data and advisory firm in the world, and as such the TPI Index is a good barometer of just how well the global outsourcing market is performing. Or should that be just how badly?

Published in Strategy
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