Sydney might have hosted the 'best ever' Olympic Games back in 2000, but Microsoft Tech.Ed 2010 held last week on the Gold Coast was the best ever as far as the event's technology manager Jorke Odolphi is concerned.

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The latest version of Quest Authentication Services provides several benefits for organisations needing to integrate Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems with Microsoft's Active Directory.

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AD GPO Export Import Tool is a well equipped tool for administrators in managing GPO settings in microsoft windows active directory . AD GPO Export Import Tool supports friendly scope selection and lists the live-GPOs and GPO-backups .It also provides the same view as GPMC,so that administrators can edit,export,import the GPO settings effortlessly. AD GPO Export Import Tool supports administrators to Export/Import a paritcular setting from a live-GPO to a Backed up GPO and vice versa.It also supports administrators to Cut/Copy/Paste/Remove individual settings between two GPOs or two Backed up GPOs.It helps in reducing the number of GPOs in the domain.It helps in advanced GPO testing, cross domain data manipulations by working along with GPMC.It supports different platforms and operating systems.



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