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Staying ‘open all hours’ can deliver significant benefits for businesses that put the right infrastructure and processes in place

GUEST OPINION by Daniel Harding, Director – Australia Operations, MaxContact: Weighing the pros and cons of keeping your contact centre open outside standard business hours this year? In our experience, companies generally decide to do so for one of two reasons: they’re receiving a steady stream of after-hours enquiries, or they see an opportunity to generate or collect revenue more effectively.

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American cyber security firm FireEye, which last week said it had suffered a breach and lost its attack tools, says it has identified a global campaign to compromise public and private sector bodies through corruption of software supply chains, using software that runs on Windows.

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Difficulties recognising consumers impacted by family violence, and a better understanding of what a consumer needs to feel safe, are some of the challenges facing telcos when resolving phone and Internet problems, according to a report by the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

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