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America - home of the free, or home of the litigious? Several iPhone 4 buyers are taking Apple and AT&T to court over alleged deficiencies in the new handset.

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Saturday, 12 June 2010 16:36

Apple Retina Display - Did Jobs lie?

There's a report doing the rounds that Apple CEO either lied or exaggerated  about the claims he made about the new Retina Display that was shown off for the first time as part of the new iPhone 4 announcement. The problem is that the line between scientific fact and marketing hype has been blurred.

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iTWire contributor Renai LeMay has beseeched Apple's CEO Steve Jobs to let the iPhone 4 Facetime video conferencing capability to be unlocked for use over Telstra's 3G network, but I'm thankful it's locked to Wi-Fi, and here's why, guys. 

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