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There will be widespread adoption of healthcare technology (EHR) globally throughout this year in a pivotal period for vendors, with some vendors likely to be pushed out of what is seen as an already competitive market.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009 10:37

Aussie-developed health IT system for Chile

Global health IT systems vendor, InterSystems has started deploying the Australian-developed InterSystems TrakCare connected health information system in the new Santiago Military Hospital in Chile that will enable electronic clinical files for soldiers to be made available whenever they seek attention at any of the health centres across Chile that are part of the country’s Army Health Command (Cosale) Network.

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According to a California study of people hospitalized with the H1N1 flu, infants are most likely to be hospitalized with the illness, while people 50 years and older are most likely to die once in the hospital.

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