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When is a bug not a bug? When Microsoft decides to make an unannounced, uncontrollable feature which takes away existing functionality, putting another nail in Edge's coffin vs. Chrome and Firefox.

Published in The Wired CIO

TechnologyOne clients will soon be able to move all their legacy enterprise software from the company into the cloud within the space of a few days, according to TechOne founder and executive chairman Adrian Di Marco. What's more, the TechOne boss expects all the company's customers will have moved entirely into the cloud within 10 years.

Published in Cloud Computing
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 16:00

Commbank goes after Google grads

Commonwealth Bank took the wraps off its swanky new facilities in Sydney today, where all 6,200 staff are being provided with MacBook Airs (albeit running Windows), DECT VoIP headsets, and a licence to roam at will through the two wirelessly networked towers located at the Eastern edge of Darling Harbour. CIO Michael Harte hopes the funky new offices will allow Commbank to give Google a run for its money in terms of acting as a talent magnet.

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