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Yet another UK “data loss” scandal has erupted, with the shocking news that “up to” 700,000 defence personnel have been exposed to whoever has an unencrypted hard drive with all of this personal information.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
For 30 years, no matter where your Internet data was headed the chances are that it made a bypass through the fat pipes and quick switches of the USA in order to get there. Now fears over the World Police spying on that traffic have prompted many countries to start routing around, rather than through, the United States...

Published in Networking
Monday, 01 September 2008 18:07

AT&T unveils 'œridiculous' iPhone roaming plans

AT&T has demonstrated yet another reason why Apple should set the iPhone 2G and 3G free, giving users the freedom to insert their own SIM cards when travelling internationally, rather than being forced to choose between two plans which can reduce bill shock but are still expensive.

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