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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 11:16

Internet industry adopts anti Zombie code

A voluntary code for ISPs designed to minimise the impact of 'Zombie' computers - those compromised and recruited into botnets to spread malware - has come into force.

Published in Technology Regulation

The Internet Industry Association (IIA) has introduced a voluntary code of practice for Australian Internet service providers in a bid to improve cybersecurity for Internet users. It recommends that ISPs, in extreme cases, disconnect from the Internet a customer's computer that has been recruited into a botnet.

Published in Technology Regulation
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 13:07

Zombie gaming protest a bloody success

Over 500 zombies dragged through Sydney's streets on Saturday in protest at the gaming classifications in Australia and calling for an R18+ ratings classification for video games.

Published in Technology Regulation
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