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Monday, 08 August 2011 08:54

It's official Next G goes '4G' this month

Telstra is to launch a commercial pilot of its LTE service in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney later this month and has branded it 4G despite an edict from the ITU that LTE is not a 4G technology

Friday, 05 August 2011 15:11

Where has all the WiFi gone?

Remember when carrier operated public WiFi hotspots were all the rage? Telstra, Optus and a handful of private operators were rolling them out in coffee shops, airports and on the street. Sure every other coffee shop today has free WiFi, but the big telco-operated networks have all but disappeared. They could be about to make a comeback.

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News emanating out of the US of a new and "revolutionary" wireless technology have, predictably, been seized on by opponents of the NBN that the Government should not be putting $36b worth of eggs in one technology basket, namely FTTH. Before they shoot off at the mouth the Cassandras of the NBN should read the claims for the technology more closely.

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