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Australians could be in for another round of price cuts on wireless broadband services: 3 has dropped its prices and introduced an entry level plan offering 1Gbyte of data for $15 per month. It has also introduced a range of capped plans combining voice and data, and is offering a no-charge Blackberry on business plans bundling voice data and emails.

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Internode now supplies Naked ADSL2+ bundled with a VoIP service to 350 phone exchanges in Australia thanks to an agreement with Optus Wholesale. Also promised is ‘long range’ ADSL to directly compete with 3.5G wireless networks for rural and regional customers within Internode’s reach.

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As Vodafone builds its HSPA network with Ericsson equipment, an agreement with mobile phone retailer Crazy John’s ensures an even bigger national distribution network to capitalise on a 3.5G network that aims to compete strongly against Telstra’s Next G.

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