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With all the news that iPhone deals are happening with telcos around the world, including Vodafone and Optus in Australia, an eagle eyed reader noticed that an iPhone pre-registration box on Vodafone Australia’s home page came – and went. Has Vodafone lost access to the world’s most desirable digital device, the (presumed 3G) iPhone?

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In my previous 3G iPhone article, noting that Optus and Vodafone had officially announced they were both independently bringing the iPhone to Australia, I looked at three 3.5G frequencies, but forgot a fourth which any iPhone should also support. In addition, Vodafone answered some of my 3.5G frequency questions...

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Thursday, 15 May 2008 06:33

3G iPhone to be a tasty triple-band treat?

With confirmed iPhone resellers AT&T and Rogers using 850MHz 3G networks, just like unconfirmed Australian iPhone reseller Telstra, and with SingTel (Optus) and Vodafone using 900MHz and 2100MHz 3.5G networks in Australia, will the 3G iPhone support the 2100MHz, 850MHz and 900MHz networks in a tasty global 3.5G triple-band treat?

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