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Wednesday, 06 January 2010 19:53

Hubble creates panorama of earliest seen universe

Astronomers with the Hubble Space Telescope project revealed a stunning view of the youngest galaxies ever seen by humans; those formed only 600 to 800 million years after the Big Bang. Ah, they were just babies back then!

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Monday, 21 December 2009 20:31

Predictive Cosmology and Standard Model revisited

A European physicist states that an elementary-particle model, called the extended Standard Model, reveals how the universe was initially created, as well as its subsequent expansion into its present form.

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Wednesday, 09 December 2009 22:57

WISE satellite to look for darkest objects in universe

The U.S. space agency NASA is expecting to launch its Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer satellite on Friday, December 11, 2009. The WISE satellite will explore the ultraviolet portions of the universe from some of the coolest stars ever produced to some of the darkest of the dwarf stars and asteroids.

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