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Thursday, 11 September 2008 21:39

GNU: the revolution turns 25

It's probably a sign of the times we live in that the release of a browser by a commercial organisation like Google merits significantly more coverage than the approaching 25th anniversary of the organisation that gave rise to the free and open source software movement.
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Monday, 25 August 2008 21:06

Who writes Linux? (And how you can too!)

The very heart of the Linux operating system is the kernel, the piece of software which makes programs run and work with hardware. It's possibly the largest and most geographical spread open source project in the world. With software projects failing daily how can such a task actually work?
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Thursday, 21 August 2008 13:12

Isn't Linux just UNIX under a different name?

What's the big deal about Linux? Isn't it at heart just a PC-based version of UNIX – the ‘70’s hit operating system which has outlived the predictions of its demise throughout the ‘90’s? If you’ve come from a Solaris or HP/UX or AIX background isn’t a PC-based UNIX a bit, well, passé?
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