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Thursday, 06 January 2011 08:32

Ultra-versatile Notebook technology-ready for 2011?

An extremely versatile notebook PC with all sorts of extra functionality seems to have escaped the notice of IT industry watchers. I hope that it soon sees the light of day, 'cos I want one!

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Sunday, 02 January 2011 17:08

Deceptive progress-More to it than meets the eye

My mind must be playing tricks on me. That file seemed to download faster than I expected. Did it really?

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Computer hardware continues to get smaller, faster and cheaper. opening up new usage scenarios as it does so. Near year's end 2010 Hitachi unveiled their  second generation of 7mm thick single-platter 2.5-inch hard drive range, while for comparison Intel announced their SSD 310 series of solid-state drives that are only 5mm thick.

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