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Next week’s CES sees the forced marriage of the Blu-ray and HD DVD standard through a unified player and a new dual format disc, but it won’t be until much later in 2007 that consumers will truly see any benefit. Thank goodness these developments have happened, as they’ll help to end the format war madness. But why did we ever have to go through this ridiculous pain at all?

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Until we see proof that Laser TVs will be on display at CES, it looks like Plasma and LCD TVs will continue to rule the high-def TV roost, with continuing competition from DLP, LCoS and high-def CRTs. The other great hope to beat plasma and LCD, the SED is under lawsuit attack!

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A new iPod or two, an iPod phone or two, the iTV, an 8-core Mac Pro, a 12-inch MacBook, the Mac Tablet, an OS X 10.5 demo, new ‘Universal’ software and more… everyone is expecting Apple to release something in just about every category they currently cover. Can Apple really deliver something in each category, and will the press only focus on what wasn’t delivered, instead of what was?

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