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Wednesday, 28 November 2018 06:31

Trump tariff threat a double whammy for Apple

Just when things are already looking shaky for Apple this quarter, President Donald Trump has delivered a further kick in the groin by threatening to slap a 10% tariff on iPhone imports from China. However, analysts are saying China’s possible response could make things even worse for the company.

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A news report suggests Optus is set to launch the iPhone with only 1GB of included download, although the news report in question considers 1GB to be ‘hefty’. Still, it appears Optus will allow you to unlock the iPhone and there will be a 12 month contract – along with other details!

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3 Mobile drops its prices, then Telstra launches its $0 iPhone attack while even giving some prices but not yet exposing the whole enchilada. Meanwhile, doubts arise over Telstra’s iPhone working properly in the bush, a Griffin case might come to the rescue – and 3 Mobile Hong Kong launches prices, data and plans for the iPhone 3G - which could be the world's best value!

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