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Scientists at Monash University in Australia, together with Princeton University and the CSIRO, have discovered a new way to produce Hydrogen from water using artificial photosynthesis. The process, which uses chemicals found in plants, works even under low light conditions and with ordinary sea water, according to the lead researcher.

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Monday, 11 August 2008 06:43

New 'green' rules for plug-in power packs

How many of those plug-in low voltage power packs are in your home: to charge your cellphone, power your Internet router, cordless phone, children's toys etc etc. When they are plugged in, they are sucking power whether they are being used or not. And from December they will have to meet new standards aimed at reducing the amount of energy they waste.

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Dimension Data has launched a range of consulting services designed to help office-based organisations develop and implement an integrated approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their IT&T systems.

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