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They are called Safe Road Trains for the Environment (SARTRE) and like something out of the film Minority Report they promise an improved way of travelling our moterways.  On the Volvo Proving Ground in Sweden, trials are underway on a new self-driving automobile system.
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Many vehicle manufacturers have attempted to show us the future for travelling our urban streets. Electric Vehicles (EV's) are certainly the way the betting is going, but for many, performance concerns (amongst others) make a EV purchase less probably.  But what if a sexy SLS AMG E-Cell was proffered up as both green and sporty?

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Thursday, 09 December 2010 16:14

Greenpeace picks IT industry's green leaders

Greenpeace has published its fourth semi-annual Cool IT Leaderboard, which ranks global IT brands on their efforts to build emission-reducing innovations, mitigate their own energy footprints and support groundbreaking climate and energy policies. Cisco, Ericsson and Fujitsu were singled out as leaders. Apple was nowhere to be seen.

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