Fujitsu, a leading provider of ICT business solutions, today announced the release of a paper that shares the company's comprehensive global sustainability journey. Titled 'Sustainability: Our Heritage, Your Future', the paper illustrates Fujitsu's worldwide environmental activities and solutions that have placed the group on target to reduce its customers' greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 15 million tons by next year. The paper covers Fujitsu's customer offerings, strategy and overall philosophy for a prosperous, low carbon future.

PCs represent more than 30% of the power costs of corporations therefore it stands to reason that if you're not using a power minimisation system for your enterprise workstations you're pouring money down the drain. That's the contention of the visiting boss of a leading power management software provider.

- A leading Australian expert on corporate environmental issues is alerting procurement and supply chain managers to the need to urgently change the way purchasing decisions are made. Rapidly rising energy costs and the introduction of major pieces of legislation related to energy use and waste disposal, slated for later this year, will see an irrevocable shift away from buying on initial price to total cost of ownership.



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