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Wednesday, 21 July 2010 22:44

Largest star discovered, but not in Hollywood

Edited: Discovering a big Hollywood star these days is easy to do, but astronomers have a more difficult time when they try to locate really massive or really large stars. However, astronomers recently succeeded at finding the most massive star so far discovered in the Universe. Called R136a1, it is about 265 times more massive than our Sun.


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Once every 27 years astronomers see a mysterious object passing in front of the star epsilon Aurigae. Based on new images taken in January 2010 when the star was fully eclipsed by this mysterious object, astronomers now think the object is another star with a dusty disk around it.


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U.S. stronomers have proposed a new class of stars that haven’t even been detected yet. They are called electroweak stars—and they emit mostly neutrinos instead of light (electromagnetic radiation) like most stars--making them very difficult to locate.

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