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Happy Birthday, spam – you’re 30 years old, and while most of us hope that you get a heart attack and die before you turn 31, chances are you’ll outlive us all.

Published in Fuzzy Logic
The US, Russia and China aren’t in the top 10 countries ‘relaying the most spam per capita’, with the Pitcairn Islands rocketing to number 1, as Australia drops from 33rd spot to the vastly lower 85th position – but not as low as China.

Published in Security
Computer viruses and worms are incredibly good at spreading themselves across the Internet, merrily infecting PCs with their dastardly payloads. But what if that payload was beneficial, rather than harmful? A Microsoft Research paper suggests these ‘friendly worms’ could be helpful – but Sophos says this is pure ‘nonsense’ – and on this we heartily agree!

Published in Fuzzy Logic




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