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Mac malware vulnerabilities have become more criminally minded, Mac malware is not just proof of concept, Mac malware will shake Mac users of impenetrable computing misconceptions and Mac malware feeds off Mac users who do not learn from their mistakes. Hard hitting comments that warn of an impending wave of Mac attacks, but does reality match the hyperbole?

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Thursday, 10 July 2008 15:51

Storm continues as USA declares war on Iran

Is it "The beginning of World War III" as news breaks that the "US Army crossed Iran's borders" and there are now "20000 US Soldiers in Iran" which in effect means "USA declares war on Iran" as a number of reports are suggesting?

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Happy Birthday, spam – you’re 30 years old, and while most of us hope that you get a heart attack and die before you turn 31, chances are you’ll outlive us all.

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