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Google has made massive strides in working to dominate search from mobile phones as much as it does search from desktop computers, but they’re not the only ones. In Australia, Telstra’s assets BigPond, Sensis, Yellow Pages and other sites it owns are being promoted to users as a “convenient” way to find what you’re looking for from your mobile phone – but will Google still win anyway?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
BigPond head honcho Justin Milne has delivered the most convincing picture I have yet seen of Telstra's media comms abilities and ambitions and it reinforces what I have been saying for years: Telstra is uniquely positioned because it is such a powerful player in so many overlapping, and converging, technologies, services and markets.

Published in Cornered!
Sensis, the directories arm of Telstra, has launched a stinging public attack on eBay just one day after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) put a damper on eBay Australia's plans to enforce a PayPal only policy for transactions on its website. Having stayed silent on the eBay issue until now, Sensis which has launched its rival Trading Post site, has pulled no punches, describing the eBay action as anti-competitive.



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