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HTML clipboardSanDisk Corporation has announced its latest G3 family of solid-state drives, using multi-level cell flash memory technology to establish new benchmarks in performance in the SSD industry.

Published in A Meaningful Look
Just as most CDs are DRM-free, so are SanDisk’s new “slotMusic” microSD cards, offering music in “up to 320kbps” DRM-free MP3 format. Available in stores pre-loaded with music from a range of popular artists and selling at an RRP of US $14.95 each, with some packaged with a Shuffle-like SanDisk player (on sale for US $20 alone) for a total of $34.95, is this a new front in the digital music revolution, or a waste of time in the face of the download reality?

Published in Fuzzy Logic
Professional photographers in Australia and NZ will likely be smiling at the availability of SanDisk’s Extreme IV 16GB card, matching SanDisk’s “Ducati Edition” in speed but doubling the capacity, although at AUD $450 a pop you’ll need to be a pro-photographer to pay for it!

Published in Fuzzy Logic




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