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Like most drivers these days, I've been exploring options for cutting costs which still enable me to run a car. It has been a surprise to discover that the Australian Government elected last year partially on its green credentials is actually more friendly to big oil than alternative energy.

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Japanese electronics powerhouse Sharp is showcasing its “Zero Emission House” with one of the highlights being a low power consumption prototype 26-inch LCD TV. If desired, it can fully powered by a similarly sized solar panel connected to a battery system that stores the electricity generated by the sun, giving you power even if “off the grid”. Cool!

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Thursday, 26 June 2008 06:59

Dance to the music, and charge your cellphone

A dance-powered phone charger is just one of several devices developed by a partnership between UK cellular operator, Orange, and renewable energy company Gotwind to solve the problem of participants in multi-day outdoor music festivals keeping their cellphones charged.



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