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A scientist at University College in London has come up with an umbrella for Vodafone UK that acts as a signal-boosting antenna for cellphones and that is equipped with solar panels to charge a cellphone.

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Compact, rugged and lightweight, mPowerpad requires less than 6 hours worth of direct sunlight to fully charge and attain 2500mAh battery capacity. It can then go on to fully charge an iPhone - as quickly and efficiently as from an AC/DC outlet - while simultaneously providing reading light, radio and insect repellant for 4-5 hours. mPowerpad is for users who operate in remote places and need a serious solution to keep their critical devices and appliances up and running and is set to begin shipping in early January next year, with a recommended retail price of US$80 per unit.

Electric Vehicles will play a significant role as a storage facility of renewable energy according to Joerg Lohr, Senior Manager E-Mobility at the global utility leader RWE Effizienz. Joerg Lohr is one of several global experts who will share his insight and experience at the upcoming Smart Utilities Australia and New Zealand conference and exhibition in Sydney from 8-10 November.



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