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AMD’s FreeSync 2 will bring HDR (high dynamic range) to gaming with a new range of monitors co-developed by Samsung. Other brands will follow soon.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 15:33

Radeon RX 460 – the NQNBT for gamers

Two days ago iTWire announced the Radeon RX 470 – the next big thing (NBT) for impoverished gamers. Today we announce the Not Quite Next Best Thing (NQNBT) for gamers on the dole.

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If you can’t afford a nice, very fast Radeon RX 480 it's smaller sibling, the 4GB, GDDR5 RX 470, is the next best thing. At US$179, it has all of the Polaris 10 features the average gamers will need – until the next upgrade.

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