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Every time it looks like consumers will be able to get away from the handcuffs that Telstra has around telecommunications in the country, along comes the ACCC and gives the dominant telco breathing space.

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With the new update, Localscope introduces a new interactive full screen map view for any location found using integrated services within Localscope. The new version implements the iOS5 Twitter integration enabling a newer, sleeker way of sharing locations via Twitter. Localscope v2.1 extends support for Turkish language, and is now available in 20 languages.

Internode founder Simon Hackett was the first to sound the warning about the potential anti-competitive elements of the National Broadband Network, citing the massive cost impost on smaller ISPs wishing to provide national coverage who would have to pay to connect to the 121 points of interconnect (POI). Now, a second ISP has joined the fray, saying that providing equivalent services they already provide using the NBN would multiply their costs 15-fold - and it has a point.

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